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The Union in Life of God and Man

I am a nurse in the operating room at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. In college, I was looking for enjoyment and reality. I was longing for it. Nothing I did was satisfying me. I met some people who told me the answer was Jesus. I definitely did not believe that Jesus had anything to do with reality or enjoyment, but since nothing I was studying or doing was answering my questions about life, I was willing to find out.

I could not deny the enjoyment these people had. I wanted it, so I did what the girl I was with told me to do. She said, “If you ask Jesus to come inside of you, He will. The Lord is the Spirit, and He can enter into your spirit and be your enjoyment.” So I asked Him in. Apparently, nothing happened, and I told my friend so. My friend said, “If you asked, He came in. Now bother Him to make Himself real to you.” So I did. All day I talked to Him, asking Him to make Himself real to me. That night I went to a meeting of Christians. While we were singing, I saw something so amazing, so beautiful, it changed my life. I saw the life of God lived out in man. I saw the union in life of God and man. I didn’t know what it was, but I wanted it. I had received a revelation of Christ and the church in one day. The church is all His believers with His life in them. It is His Body, a union in life of God and man.

All the questions I ever had about the meaning of life were answered for me. God's life inside of me became so real. God went through a long process of incarnation, human living, death, resurrection, and ascension to become able to enter into me.

The reality in the universe is what God is and is doing. I have been led into this reality through the ministry of Witness Lee. The more I read in prayer about the truths of the Bible revealed to this man, the deeper my experience and the reality of the Lord and His Body becomes.

Marcie E. Philips

The Church in Newton

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