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I am so Happy to be in Godís Family Now!

As a high schooler I did not understand how my mom became a Christian suddenly. However, she and many other Christians have prayed for me ever since. Seven years after my momís salvation I came to the U.S. A Christian girl I never met before came to pick me up at the airport. Not knowing what each other looked like, we waited for each other at different places in the airport for 40-50 minutes. I was so touched that she would wait for a stranger for such a long time while she had an exam the next day.

Through the care of this particular group of Christians my heart was softened toward the Lord. I started going to meetings every Thursday night with them. Honestly, I did not understand much of what they were saying at first. The genuine happiness among this group of people deeply attracted me to Christ. They were louder than any other Christian meetings I have ever been to, yet their pursuit for the Lord was striking.

Three months after I started meeting with them, I found myself so at home one night at a coupleís home for dinner, that I decided to be baptized. After I was baptized, I felt the peace and joy that I had never experienced before.

Because of the Lordís mercy, I had the opportunity to go through a training program for Christians after I obtained my masterís degree. During the program, my eyes were really opened to see what Godís desire is, why Iím here on the earth. I was greatly helped by many other lovers of Christ to know, enjoy, pursue and serve Him.

Though there have been tests and struggles in the past 5Ĺ years of my Christian life in following the Lord, my heart is just filled with thanksgiving for His mercy and grace for me. It is through these tests and struggles that I come to know Him and His way and how big His heart is for all mankind. I am so happy that I am in Godís family now!

S. C.

The Church in Newton

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